The Greek Songfest executive board is comprised of members from multiple Fraternity and Sorority chapters on campus. This group of diverse leaders look forward to inspiring the community to come together to make an even bigger impact than years prior.

“We believe in Greek Songfest because it represents something bigger than ourselves - this event can make an impact on the UCI community and beyond. We are proud to be forerunners in leading the cause.”

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Executive Producer

Caitlin Nasseraddin

Caitlin is a senior pursuing a degree in Economics. She served as President for her chapter, Alpha Chi Omega, last year and VP Finance of Panhellenic. She has been on the Songfest Executive Board as Programming Director and now serves as Executive Producer. Caitlin loves Songfest because it not only gives Greeks an opportunity to showcase their talents but it also brings the entire Greek Community together for a philanthropic cause.


Assistant Producer

Autumn Hagstrom

Autumn is a third year education science major! In addition to Songfest, she is vp communications of Delta Gamma and director of house management. Autumn was an intern for Greek Songfest last year and had a blast being involved and working with her pairing to raise money. This year she is excited to help choose a great philanthropy and get the Greek community stoked on Songfest. 


Assistant Producer

Bridget Kelley

Bridget is currently a third year pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Film and Media Studies. She was a programming intern for last year’s Zotfest and a Student Relations Intern for Anteater TV as well as holding the Academic Development Chair position for her sorority, Tri Delta. Bridget has always been a fan of Broadway, claiming she can recite all of the songs for Hamilton at a moment’s notice. She participated as Assistant Director and starred in her pairings show last year. Although she enjoyed her time as part of the cast in the show, she is looking forward to being behind the scenes and making this year’s Songfest the greatest it can be. The reason she loves songfest is because it is an amazing opportunity for people from all backgrounds to join together to raise money for great organizations as well as shine light on the amazing talent UCI Greek Life has to offer!

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Executive Director

Paean Wang

Paean is currently a fourth year Dance and Business Economics double major here at UCI. She is currently the Vice President of FInance of her Chapter and was previously the Social Chair and Fundraising Chair. For three years now, she has performed on cast and choreographed/directed; last year she was choreographer/director for, Matilda, the best in show winner. However, this year she is excited to experience Greek Songfest in a completely different point of view as Executive Director. She is most excited to see all the talented individuals of Greek life shine in their shows and collaborate with all the directors and casts. Greek Songfest has been one of the most rewarding experiences Greek life has given her and she cannot wait to be hands on and see the production come together her last year here at UCI. 

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Assistant Director

Hailey Severns

Hailey is currently a second year pursuing a degree in Education Sciences.. During her time at UCI, Hailey has been actively involved within her chapter and the UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts. She was previously a Greek Songfest intern, and is excited to continue to work on this amazing cause. She believes that Songfest is a great way for the Greek community to come together and work towards a common goal of helping an amazing philanthropy. 


Philanthropy Director

Moe Al Thahabi

Moe is a third year Biological Sciences and Psychology Major from Chicago, Illinois. Before being on the Songfest Executive board, Moe was an intern for Songfest his first year and director his second year. He also is part of Kappa Sigma and is super excited to be working with passionate individuals who will make this year’s Greek Songfest one for the books. Moe believes that Songfest is such a great way to unify the Greek Community and an outstanding opportunity for Greeks to get back to the Irvine community. 


Alex Lenell

Alex Lenell is a first year Computer Science and Engineering major from Newport Beach California. He is training to be a campus rep and is part of Kappa Sigma. Alex is excited to work on Songfest and thinks it is a great opportunity for all of Greek Life to come together and make something awesome. 

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Yohana Martinez

Yohana is a current third year pursing a degree in Mathematics. She is also currently in the Cal Teach program at UCI, where she is pursuing her teaching credentials. She loves how Songfest brings the Greek community together and raises money for a philanthropy. This allows the Greek community to show that we can make a big impact.

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Marketing Director

Alison Greenberg


Allison is currently a 3rd year student pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences.  In addition to her work as a scribe in an emergency room and her volunteering at Hoag, Allison serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for her chapter.  She has also served as her chapter's Scholarship Director and liaised with the CARE office as her chapter's VIP intern.  Allison loves the team spirit that Songfest inspires and she is ecstatic to be able to bring her love for Songfest to the UCI community!


Assistant Marketing

Brooke Ellison

Brooke is currently a second year pursuing a degree in Psychology under the School of Social Sciences. She enjoys listening to music, going to the beach with friends, and Disneyland! She believes that Songfest brings out the creative side of the Greek community and brings everyone together for a great philanthropy!

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Community Relations Director

Mark Sermeno

 Mark Sermeno is a 3rd year SigEp, computer science and math finance major and very exited to be your community relations director. If you have any questions about the philanthropy or chapter communication, feel free to message him! He is excited for being able to help grant a child’s wish that they would like based off of our phenomenal performances!


Community Relations 

Abby Coffing

Abby is currently a third year pursuing a degree in Film and Media Studies. She's the social chair of the UCI Women's Lacrosse team, part of Order of Omega and helps with Zotfest for FADA. Her love of Songfest started her first year when she was a last minute addition to her pairing's cast. The reason she loves songfest is because it brings the entire Greek community together and allows people in individual chapters find their place in their house. 

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Community Relations

Melissa Negrete

Melissa is a third year double majoring in Political Science and Film and Media Studies. She was an intern for Greek Songfest last year and loved it so much she tried out for exec and is now a part of the Community Relations Team. She can't wait to start spreading the word about Songfest and keeping people excited about the event all year.

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Outreach Team

Natalene Kim

Natalene is a second year pursuing a degree in International Studies. She works with international graduate students to tutor them in English, and is also her chapter’s Ritualist. She loves how Greek Songfest unifies the Greek community through a creative outlet all while supporting amazing causes. She is most excited to see everyone come together and give back!

Outreach Team

Lus Torres

Lus will be a fourth year Political Science & International Studies double major the upcoming year. She enjoys traveling & during fall 2016 she had the opportunity of studying abroad in the Netherlands. It allowed her to experience different cultures & interact with a large variety of people. She is also a Campus Representative & have been a part of Rotaract while at UCI. Greek Songfest gives us the opportunity to raise money for an important philanthropy every year. The Greek community also creates stronger bonds with each other & really shows how much of a difference we can make when we all work together.